Top 5 lipsticks

Thursday, 23 July 2015

For years I found myself in an on going battle with finding a lipstick that not only suited my pale skin tone but also kept my lips moisturised and stayed put all day. A combination that seemed impossible. I love how a matte lip looks but I feel that it makes my lips feel incredibly dry and uncomfortable so I never really got on with them too well, however I love the opacity and long lasting quality of them. The struggle is real, literally! I went on a search to find a new lipstick in Mac that fitted the qualities of a matte lipstick but with added moisture and came across the Mac Amplified formula which for me is the dream! I have included 3 Mac Amplified lipsticks, one hughstreet lipstick and one lip pencil.

These are by far one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks as they have a very similar finish to Mac Amplified lipsticks but without the high end price tag. I discovered that blue undertone lipsticks suited my pale skin a lot more than pink undertones so I did struggle to find a perfect berry colour for me. However, I took a gamble and picked this up and it ticked all the right boxes and is now one of my most used lipsticks, especially on a night out. 

This was my first Mac lipstick I ever bought after being recommended it by an employee and is the reason I am so in love with the Amplified formula. This lasts about 4-5 hours and has such good colour payoff and is the perfect blue undertoned pink!

I was bought this as a present and would probably have never of chosen it myself, yet it has become my go-to everyday lipstick! It's very similar to velvet teddy but slightly more pink. If you're looking for a new nude I would recommend you go into Mac and try this out, its perfect! 

As a Miley Cyrus junkie I HAD to go out and buy this and was absolutely delighted when it was a colour I knew I'd love. This was my go-to lipstick that I knew would stand out and last all day when I was in New York. 

As we don't have NYX in the UK I had never really heard of this product before and was gifted it at BeautyCon London and never thought I would love it as much as I do. It has become my favourite red over Rimmel: Alarm. It is super moisturising, very bright and glides straight onto the lips. It has a balmy consistency and is really easy to apply on the go.