My daily skincare routine

Monday, 6 July 2015

For the past year I have suffered with hideous breakouts and incredibly oily skin. At the time I was literally using boots own cleanser, moisturiser and quinoderm cream which worked amazing for me until they discontinued quinoderm... my life was over! 
Since then I have honestly pretty much tried every single skincare product ever. I had treatments with Dermologica and used their products. However, this wasn't quite strong enough for me. I then went on to try Liz Earle, Eucerin, Botanics, Simple, Trilogy, Lush products, Vichy.. The list goes on and on. I went on holiday and the salt water and sun really cleared up my skin but as soon as I came back to England a MASSIVE breakout occurred. My skin was really painful, swollen and red so I decided the doctors were my last hope. I was diagnosed with minor acne and got given an antibiotic gel which has quite literally changed my life! It does contain Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide so it is very strong but it is seriously amazing!

Since having gross skin I have become obsessed with reading reviews of products so I started to read up about other people who had been using Duac. The majority of these people were pairing that with Cetaphil. A super gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. As Duac is pretty strong Cetaphil compliments it nicely as it literally has 8 ingredients, including water which basically doesn't count! At £8.99 I thought I may aswell give it a go and I am LOVING it. I would recommend Cetaphil to anyone, especially after finding out Pharrell Williams uses it and he still looks about 12. 
Another product I use a couple of times a week is Nip + Fab glycolic scrub fix, a facial exfoliator just to get rid of the dead skin. After using this the next morning I can really notice a difference. My skin looks really fresh and smooth. 
Don't be put of by how cheap these products are. I have spent hundreds of pounds on high end skincare products which promised me miracles and did nothing! These are honestly the best skincare products I have used to date!

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 
Cetaphil moisturising lotion

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 
Nip + Fab glycolic scrub fix (once or twice a week)

Duac £7.99