Keeping your blonde, blonde!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

I have been the victim of many blonde disasters in the past, and until you're blonde or have been blonde you will not understand how hard it is to look after. 
When I was about 12 I wasn't allowed my hair dyed so when I went on holiday I covered my hair in lemon juice to make it blonder, only to be pushed into a swimming pool and coming out with grass green locks... not an ideal look, don't risk it! 
Since then I have chopped all my hair off, bleached it and become a short hair model so keeping my blonde as fresh as I can is vital. Especially after spending hours and hours in salon chairs its not worth letting the colour slip and go yellow... my pet hate! 

So, I've got a few tips for keeping your blonde looking as fresh and ashy looking as possible!

PRO:VOKE: Touch of SILVER... I cannot recommend this product enough! It turns brassy, yellow hues by using a violet pigment to a brighter, platinum blonde. I use this a couple of times a week to keep my hair the colour I want and at £3.19 at Boots its hardly a dent in your pocket. 

Using PRO:VOKE: Touch of SILVER...

I left my hair to get super yellow over the past couple of weeks. I left the shampoo on for around 20 minutes and these were my results. I followed up by using colour care conditioner. 

In-between Touch of SILVER washes... 

OGX Nourishing coconut milk shampoo.

I was lucky enough to get given this product to try at BeautyCon and I absolutely love it! I took this on holiday with me as it does contain coconut oils which I thought would hydrate my hair after being in the sun all day.. and that it does! I feel like it adds strength to my hair, as well as repairing the sun damage. Plus is smells incredible! 

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure repair conditioner.

The most asked question I get is how is my hair not completely dead and broken off. I think the main reason is because I have really short hair and get it cut fairly regularly. However, I got my roots bleached once and the bleach got onto other areas of my hair and it broke off. I got given this product by the hairdressers and it repaired my hair so quickly, I couldn't believe it! If your hair is dry or damaged I'd 100% recommend this to anyone.

BLEACH London reincarnation mask.

An alternative for the Schwarzkopf repair conditioner, this hydrates thirsty hair, improves the elasticity and helps reduce colour fading. After getting my hair toned or coloured and it looks like it needs a bit of a lift I'll put this on my hair for a couple of minutes and its back looking shiny and soft again.

Batiste dry shampoo and PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver hair spray.

Inbetween washes I will use everyones favourite Batiste dry shampoo in my roots to give my hair more volume and obviously make it less greasy! However, I bought Batiste dry shampoo light and blonde thinking it would somehow magically make my roots better. For white/ashy hair I wouldn't recommend this in the slightest! It comes out canary yellow and makes my hair look more greasy and very unnatural. 

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver hairspray is designed for platinum, grey and white hair and has a really strong hold so this is perfect for me. Plus, its really quick drying so I can spray on the go!