Fashion student struggles & commuting

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

As some of you may know being a fashion student is hard work! Someone had the nerve to stop my mum the other day when she was food shopping to ask her what I was actually going to do when I finish my fashion degree at university. I am lucky enough to have parents who have allowed me to follow my dream and study something I love for the past 4/5 years and encourage me to grasp every opportunity that gets thrown my way. The majority of these opportunities involve me travelling around, long days and working for no money which I don't mind too much as I'm constantly being told that in fashion, grades don't matter and that its all about your experiences the long list of internships and competitions you have done in your own time. Proving you love what you do! I can't express this enough! For years I ignored the whole spiel until I started getting myself out there and grabbing opportunities left, right and centre and getting noticed for doing so! And whats better than getting to work at awesome events or working somewhere, learning and loving what you're doing.

However, with these opportunities commuting is involved and we all know that can be very tedious and boring! Recently I have been working as a production intern for a company I love three times a week which is about a two hour journey before I'm even there. I've put together a list of my commuting essentials which make this commute more fun and seem a lot shorter. 

There is absolutely nothing worse than starting your day off hungry, being stuck on a train and not being able to get off or get food. I try and have a breakfast I know will fill me up, give me energy and will keep me full for most of the day. 

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with looking at how garments are constructed and how they have been pattern cut so Vogue is the perfect choice for me. And a book I have recently finished and literally couldn't put down, as in I didn't want my journey to end because I couldn't get my nose out of it was Alexander McQueen | Blood Beneath the Skin by Andrew Wilson. The person I find most inspirational and would consider as a role model would be Alexander McQueen so I loved this to death and would recommend this to anyone! Whether you're into fashion or not its an amazing read about, in my opinion, one of the worlds greatest talents. 

I imagine the majority of people carry around a notebook with them anyway. Its always handy to have on you if you have any ideas you want to write down for up coming projects or if you are a blogger and often get bloggers block I have lists and lists of blog ideas as a back up.

An obvious one. Why wouldn't you want to listen to your favourite tunes while you travel? I've added my two hour Spotify playlist below I often listen to when travelling.
As I am leaving my house at 7.30 recently to get to London I have been very tired as you can imagine. I have been picking up coffee from the station. My favourite being Starbucks mocha frappuccino which gives me that little boost of energy I need to start my day. Sometimes when I can feel a 'omg I'm so hungry today' day coming on I'll grab a healthy snack out of the cupboard to keep me going. I have been loving the Foodie Market crispbread minis as you only need two or three at a time and they taste delicious! 

I'm a social media addict so of course I'll be constantly scrolling and refreshing my twitter, instagram, bloglovin', Facebook.. you get the gist. However, I have becoming a victim of the Kardashian Hollywood addiction and its not pretty. Thank god you can only play until your energy runs out and then have to wait for it to fill back up before you play because I would have a serious problem otherwise.

I'm a true believer of whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy and always deliver more than you are asked to deliver. Do what you want to do and make the most of everything thats thrown at you. Take every opportunity and give 110%. Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make!